Our Partners

Full Pours Podcast

Our very first partnership was with Full Pours. We were starting out our business in 2016 and Pat was beginning to brainstorm for the podcast. We quickly jumped on board to be sponsors. Pat and Joe launched their podcast in 2017. They chat about home brewing, interview professional brewers, and keep you in the loop about beer world news. Pat and Joe are also both home brewers themselves.


Heavy Drinking Podcast

A bunch of dudes who love to drink and talk about the funniest things, their website describes them as the following: “What do you get when you take 3 fat, uninformed, middle aged white men and add a hefty dose of beer? The Heavy Drinking Podcast. Listen in as 3 idiots (along with their producer Dave) get drunk and talk about whatever comes up. Sometimes funny, sometimes offensive, always drinking. It’s heavy because we’re fat.” This podcast started May 2017 and they have quickly made their mark in the beer world.

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